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Jamie Collyer


With over a decade working in the People Operations, Recruiting and Development space, Jamie has placed dozens of qualified candidates at Fortune 100 companies that include Microsoft, T-Mobile, Oracle, Disney, Google and more. Currently located in Las Vegas, Ms. Collyer supports startups and enterprise level companies throughout the entire West Coast region with an emphasis on tech heavy markets like Silicon Valley, Seattle and San Francisco. Ms. Collyer began supporting startups in 2012 while overseeing the rapid headcount growth with the cosmetics startup Julep (Seattle). With funding from Andreseen Horowitz, she successfully grew the team by over 80 new employees within the first seven months – reducing recruiting fees by over $250k in the first year. She has continued to build teams through high volume, agency technical recruiting and account management while actively mentoring startup leadership in partnership with Vegas Tech and the Work in Progress co-working space. Currently, Ms. Collyer is co-founder of the Lean Startup Vegas meetup and an active member of the Western Regional Minority Supplier Diversity Chapter, a leader in diversity staffing within Information Technologies and Gaming.


Las Vegas, NV, USA

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