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There are two types of courses on STARTUPPIE:

1. Online class.

These classes are open to anyone; a student can sign up automatically and take a class on his own schedule.

2. Online accelerator.

These classes are designed to work on a real business case together with a mentor.

For startups, this means developing a marketing strategy, product design, or whatever course specialty is –  for their business, while getting feedback from mentors and classmates.

For students who want to expand their expertise or get a new specialty this means workin on a real case and gaining not just knowledge, but also a real case experience, which can lead to a potential hire.

To purchase a course, add the course to your cart and go through a checkout process. You can use your PayPal or credit card.

If you have a coupon with a discount, enter the code on the checkout page – before you enter your billing details.

In case you don’t find the class useful, you can get a full refund. For that, email your name, email and class name to support@startuppie.com


We want people all around the world to be able to get knowledge here, share resources, find each other and boost their projects.

If you are an expert in one of these fields — a practicing instructor, a venture investor, a foundation representative, or a founder of a successful startup — actually, no matter who you are — if you have got ideas on collaboration, we are happy to hear from you.

Send us an email to mentor@startuppie.com and share your ideas.


Any course requires certain time from a teacher / mentor even after it goes life. Your students might need clarifications, have questions or simply provide you with valuable feedback. Furthermore, based on a course type, you might need to invest your time into reviewing students quizzed and assignments.

You can choose how much time you want to spend on teaching your class by choosing a course type and thinking through your quizzes and assignments. You can also share your responsibilities with other mentors (which we will provide).

Online class needs minimum time for its support. It doesn’t have assignments or quizzes that require teacher’s feedback, neither does it have a forum.

Online accelerator needs more time. For this class type, you will ask students to submit individual assignments or complete certain tasks that require reviews and  feedback. Students will also use forum to ask questions or share their thoughts. Finally, each student will have one-on-one time with you for personal consultations.

There is no fee for creating and hosting a class on Startuppie. You can create as many free or paid classes as you want.

When choosing paid option, you will get 95% – 20% of each sale; the percentage depends on user acquisition. You will get 95% of sales when you bring students to Startuppie, 50% through organic sales and 20% of sales that come through our advertisement.


If you already have a business and would like students to work on your case, you can submit it to our Online accelerator programs.

In the result, you’ll have your case solved by course participants. We will provide you with all solutions; for solutions you like we’ll share student’s contacts so that you can hire or contract that student(s).

To submit your case, send us an email to mentor@startuppie.com.

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