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A class for tech founders and marketers about startup marketing strategy.

To grow a business, you not only need to build a product that fits into market, but also convince people to use it.

This class will teach you about most important steps in marketing a startup – a strategy behind your business idea, product or service, and communications.

It will benefit both startup founders, those who are looking to learn marketing for startups, and marketers who want to learn about strategy and communications. In this class, you will learn how to:

1. Map your vision:

  • Define your business values and goals
  • Understand what connects you and your customers
  • Formulate WHY people should love your brand and buy from you

2. Make your communications strategic

  • Target right people
  • Learn their values, pain points and success metrics
  • Speak to decision makers using their language

3. Make your brand appealing:

  • Create a consistent feeling around your brand
  • Develop your company’s voice, tone and style
  • Build tools to ensure your brand users follow guidelines


No marketing background required.

Course Curriculum

Introduction 00:02:00
Startup vs Business 00:02:00
What Marketing Tools Do You Need to Scale? 00:03:00
Your Idea and Core Values
What, How and Why 00:06:00
Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle 00:18:00
Defining You Idea & Core Values 00:05:00
Idea & Core Values Distribution 00:06:00
Idea and Core Values – Summary 00:02:00
WHAT, HOW and WHY 7, 00:00
Idea and Core Values Quiz Unlimited
Audience and Personas
The Golden Recipe for Startup Marketing. 00:04:00
Target Audience and Personas defenition 00:03:00
Why Do We Need Audience Research? 00:02:00
Mapping Out Your Target Audience, Segments and Personas. Part 1. 00:04:00
Mapping Out Your Target Audience, Segments and Personas. Part 2. 00:10:00
Mapping Out Your Target Audience, Segments and Personas – Part 3 00:04:00
Tools for Audience Research 00:05:00
How to Use Your Personas and Target Customer Profiles 00:02:00
Audience and Personas – Summary 00:03:00
Target Audience and Personas 7, 00:00
Audience and Personas Quiz Unlimited
What is Strategic Messaging and Why is it Important 00:08:00
What is Positioning and Why You Should Make it Right 00:06:00
Designing Strategic Messaging for Your Product 00:04:00
Strategic Messaging Map 00:08:00
Interviews: Gaining Actionable Insights 00:06:00
Writing Messages for Personas Based on Customer Values 00:07:00
Writing Top Tier Message 00:10:00
Tips, Dos and Don’ts 00:03:00
Strategic Messaging Distribution 00:08:00
Strategic Communications Class 00:02:00
Messaging – Summary 00:07:00
Messaging 00:00
Messaging Quiz Unlimited
Voice and Tone
Brand Voice and Tone – Definition 00:03:00
Why do we need Brand Voice and Tone? 00:03:00
Brand Voice and Tone – Example 00:04:00
Finding Your Voice 00:06:00
Finding Your Tone 00:08:00
Voice and Tone Distribution 00:01:00
Voice and Tone – Summary 00:01:00
Voice and Tone Quiz Unlimited
Style Guide
What is Brand Style Guide 00:02:00
Brand Style Guide Key Elements 00:01:00
Brand Style Guide – Startuppie Example 00:05:00
Style Guide Quiz Unlimited
Class recap
Recap: Marketing Tools You Need to Grow Your Startup 00:02:00

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  1. Instructive, clear and actionnable content.


    The assignments took me some time; but I found them quite useful.
    Overall, I recommend this class to anyone how wants to learn the strategy behind marketing communications.

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