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Any true start-up is innovative, it’s something that has never been done before, and thus any true startuppie is a creator, a trailblazer, an explorer stepping into the totally new territory with totally unknown rules and laws. They are literally comparable to an astronaut in the weightlessness of outer space. There are confusion and excitement of a challenge, vertigo from own courage, lightness, and total loss of coordination, that takes learning anew how to abide in it and manage it, in order to feel stable and confident.

So the main idea behind the educational platform startuppie.com is about finding comfort and confidence in the situation of unknownness, which is natural for a startup. If you are one of the startuppie somersaulting in the suspense, puzzled by how to stand firm on their feet, listen: there is no need to stand at all — you can find zen even in this confusing state of uncertainty! With the help of some tips, lifehacks and knowledge that we and the whole community of people doing the same, can provide you with. That’s why our symbol is an astronaut levitating in outer space in the relaxed lotus-like pose.

Just in case you don’t know, the slogan refers to the famous book of Robert Pirsig Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. The story of the book is very motivational too: being rejected by publishers 121 times (the fact placed it among Guinness World Records), it had eventually became a bestseller. Persistence is everything. So, relax and keep doing your stuff!

And the last: we’d love to coin a name for the huge community of ‘start-up founders’ all around the world, so next time you need to pronounce this heavy term, please use ‘startuppie’ instead.)

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